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1Extreme Wrestling Companies Empty Extreme Wrestling Companies on Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:22 am

Temple of Doom

Temple of Doom
I would like to get everyone's opinions on what the most extreme wrestling company was/is?

Personally I lean toward the original ECW. I was only introduced to it in 2005 with the One Night Stand PPV, so by the time I watched any of their matches most of the wrestlers were big names at some point in WWE, WCW or TNA, so my viewpoints might be affected by that.

I can't actually watch many of those matches and boo the heel and cheer the face because I like most of the wrestlers.

ECW was very innovative and changed the wrestling world. They were responsible for WWE's ATTITUDE era and basically brought the extreme hardcore wrestling style to north america from Japan. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I know everything about ECW lol I am just a huge fan

I would also have to say that Zandig's CCZ is one fucking extreme company. Sure, we didn't see light tubes in ECW, but once again, CCZ has helped to change wrestling by having 200 light tube matches and the fucking insane Deathmatch Tournaments that they are known for.

I suppose I also have to mention Ian Rotten's IWA. Like CCW, they have very extreme matches that you will never see the likes of in WWE or TNA, or most indy companies for that matter.

Mike Knox showed me a fucking insane incident that happened at one of their Women's Deathmatch Tournaments. Yes, that's right, women wrestling in deathmatches, and in a 1 day tournament no less. Where else are you going to find that?

Anyway, to see an insane beatdown, check out the Mike Leevy vs. Mickie Knuckles match from one of the women's deathmatch tournaments. Leevy, the Fock gets his ass raped after giving real head-butts to Knuckles.

Knox and I are trying to find him actually to do a match in ESBW haha

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ESBW Members
ESBW Members
Damn u aint that up on CZW are ya? T.o.D really stands for TOURNAMENT OF DEATH!!! I dug there ultraviolent underground matches too.

IWS in MTL really held it down for the hardcore for years with those FBTW matches and Eddy and those fukkin Ninjas.

IWA ms was cool while it lasted some good death match shit but Ian wasn't trying to pay people so he could only continue to run for so long. The first womens DMT was cool the second one with that Levy incident was kinda shitty to me the aftermath was fuct but it was a work still so its saul goode to me.

Big Japans the shit with Ito and Kobayashi especially.

In Ontario you gotta look to Stranglehold for your hardcore. I've seen them do all sorts of shit. Too bad they run so scarcely now.

ECW and FMW are the measuring stick for this shit tho. I took ECW in when it was new gettin bootleg tapes monthly and tradin em w/people those were the days before filesharin and having ANY match accessible at the click of a mouse.

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3Extreme Wrestling Companies Empty Re: Extreme Wrestling Companies on Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:14 pm

Temple of Doom

Temple of Doom
Ya man, I love Abdullah the Kobyashi haha I found a vid on youtube where a sick weapon was used. I can't remember who he was against, but his opponent used Kenzan pot holders, which are these little things loaded with spikes, and they were driven into his skull with a chair.

At this point, I don't think I would take that spot...unless we had at least 200 fans at the show, and I was getting paid haha

I wish I could find footage of when Cactus Jack and Terry Funk would do battles over in Japan in the 90's. I've heard of some great matches they had, and all I have is the Tournament they had over there which put deathmatch tournaments on the map, where Cactus won in the final match against Terry

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