ESBW:Extremely Shitty Backyard Wrestling
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ESBW:Extremely Shitty Backyard Wrestling

The Greatest BYW Fed In Canada

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the ebw was started back in october of 2010 by psychotic. the ebw was not much as it was only psychotic and crazy d who at the time was known origanally as the king of death.

the 2 men would do matches one right after another to keepo ebw going but quickly came to realize ebw wasa not going to go anywhere with only 2 people and no one else. so they both began to work hard on getting more guys.

in the middle of "02" the ebw picked up such names as the fallen one- the painter bed sheet boys-the demon-psychotica-total annihilation the mad basket baller and many others. tward the end of "02" the ebw than picked up a camra crew and a sound crew makeing ebw bigger than ever.

the ebw than jumped on makeing a web site that would soon put ebw on the chart. in march of 2002 the ebw took on their first rival fed the xwf(xtreme wrestling federation)the show origanally was named frost bite but became so big that at the end of the night it was decided that frost bite would be done away with and it was at that moment that wrestle fest 1 was born.

the fude with the ebw and the xwf lasted all of 2 years as in march fisr of 2003 wrestle fest 1 took place where the ebw officaly defeated the xwf and they would later in 2003 go out of business. psychotic and psychoticas relationship soon went down hill in late 2003 going into 2004 where psychotic and psychotica split up. the ebw than went through a down piriod that lasted a month.

in 2005 psychotic would than meet a new girl and in 2005 the ebw once again came on strong. the ebw started to lose members of the ebw roster and crew but picked up new members.

there is much more to the ebw story that was not documented and lost but will be out in a book in 2012 that will follow ebw freom start to finish. but the main legends that made ebw what it is today are as follows... psychotic-crazy d-the wicked jester-dark side-dr.sick-the demon-soul reaver-hostile rick and many others.

so please feel free to discuss on this. and if you would like to see the book come out and get publushed or not.

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