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1NBYWA 6: Face-Off Empty NBYWA 6: Face-Off on Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:04 am

Skull Jr.

Skull Jr.
NBYWA 6: Face-Off Wvyds4

Okay, so I've talked to Karnage about MWA's Crossfire and he says he wants it to be nothing at all resembling a supershow (like, with people from different feds n all). Oh well. So what I'm gonna do is schedule this show on August 19 and re-schedule Crossfire for August 14 to avoid any backstage conflicts about whether having people from another fed come over to the biggest show of the year is a good or bad thing. This is pretty much just a replacement. I know the timing is really short but whatever, if anyone from here wants to come down and can, please do. This was pretty much to compensate the guys from Canada who want to come over.

Thursday, August 18 - Friday, August 19, 2011.

Skull Jr. (representing Total Hardcore Wrestling/Michigan Wrestling Association).
Karnage (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
"The Underdog" Alec Rutledge (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).

Lance Manion (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
Cope Cabana (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
Ghoul (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
Jigsaw (representing Michigan Wrestling Association).
Temple of Doom (representing Extremely Shitty Backyard Wrestling).
Mike Knox (representing Extremely Shitty Backyard Wrestling).

CARD (Day 1):

CARD (Day 2):
MAIN EVENT - Skull Jr. (THW/MWA) VS Lance Manion (MWA) in Skull's last match.

If the ESBW guys make it, there'll be an ESBW show instead on the 18th but for now, it'll be NBYWA 6 Day 1.

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