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The Greatest BYW Fed In Canada

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I have sat up at night many times thinking about this match and what my body went through in it. I have thought about the lighttube slicing into my arm, cutting through tissue, muscle and fatty tissue and causing nerve damage, and i have asked myself "Why?" "Why do I do this? I come out here in front of no fans, I beat up my body and that of my opponents, I chance career and possibly life-threatening injuries, and all for what? A couple bucks? No, I don't even get pain for this shit. So I have to ask myself Why? Do i like pain?? well, Yes haha i guess i do. Do i like beating up other people? Well who doesn't? Do i like to see my own lifeblood pouring out of my body??? Yes, I'm a sadistic sunofabitch and like to bleed. Do I like making others bleed? Of course i do.

Many people just don't understand why i do this. It's definately not about the money. I JUST LIKE PAIN AND GIVING IT hahaha So whenever you watch a Temple of Doom match, you will know that you are practically guarenteed that "There Will Be Blood"

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