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May 19 is the tentative first show of the year for ESBW. The only planned match at this moment is a hardcore match between Dylan Steel 2.0 and Temple of Doom. At last years Tournament of Carnage, Dylan Steel 2.0 made his debut.

I was not too impressed by him then and after him begging and begging to me to give him a job in my company, I have decided that I will give him the chance to earn one in a match against me. He must show me that he is hardcore enough to last in ESBW

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ESBW actually put on a show earlier in the year, on March 11, 2012. This event was put together the day before and we did not have any time to advertise it to allow for fans to show up. It was meant as a training day, to get back into the swing of things. Ian Knoxx went up against Trash in an impressive 10 minute match that saw Knoxx get the win with his finisher the Spinning Knoxx Clothesline.

Temple of Doom faced off against Jayson Chambers in an epic one hour marathon of a bout. Chambers has been pissed at Doom ever since Doom knocked him out of the Tournament of Carnage last year in a Singapore Cane match and ends up coming out victorious. Chambers gets the win by doing an elbow drop off a chair onto a barbwire board that was on top of Doom.

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